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What’s visa approval letter?

Visa approval letter is the letter approved, signed and sealed by Head of Vietnam Immigration Department. This letter will allow you board and pick up your visa on arrival at your destination airport in Vietnam

Is visa on arrival Vietnam scam?

No, 100% visa approval letter for your visa is approved, signed and red stamped by Head of Vietnam Immigration Department.

Vietnam visa - How it works?

Visa On Arrival is designed for travelers who living far from location of the embassy or consulate of Vietnam or in countries without embassy of Vietnam. Visa on arrival is cheap, saving time, easy to apply and available for all countries.

Things To Do Before Fly To Vietnam

If you want to get visa on arrival, please make sure you have visa approval letter for that. In case you arrive Vietnam without obtaining visa approval letter

How to get Vietnam visa Israeli passport holders?

In recent times there's been a lot of tourist activity in Vietnam owing to opening up of their country after the war. Although Vietnam established embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel but not all travelers can visiting and queuing at the embassy for applying visa there

Vietnam visa requirements for Italian

Italian passport holders are eligible for e-visa application. You can apply online then we will take care the rest for your application. Once your application is approved, a link to download your e-Visa will be e-mailed to you. E-Visa is single entry for 30 days.

Vietnam visa for Italian

As an Italian passport holders ( travelling for tourism or business), you won't need a visa if stay for less than 15 days. A gap of at least 30 days between two visa-free visits is required.

How to get Vietnam visa for Japanese passport holders?

Vietnam in recent times has made quite a name for itself by opening up the country for foreign tourists. It has also become a favorite destination for visitors from Japan. Luckily, Japanese passport holders are not required visa for entering to visit Vietnam if staying less than 15 days. I

Vietnam Visa Requirement

The visa requirements of visitors to Vietnam vary according to the nationality of the visitor, as well as the purpose of his/her visit. This list may not apply to those countries that enter into agreements with Vietnam, which allow their citizens to enter and stay in the country for a specific duration.

Vietnam Visa On Arrival

It can be applied online, and it is accorded only to those visitors or travellers who enter the country by flight. Also, you will not get access to Visa on Arrival facilities in all the airports in the country.

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