Vietnam Visa Application Form Online

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How to apply for Vietnam visa

The application process for a Vietnam visa code is quite similar to that of a Vietnam visa on arrival.

Firstly, please complete our safe online application form.

Full name, DOB, nationality, passport number, arrival date, visa type, and the address of the Vietnam Embassy where you would want to acquire a visa stamp should be entered exactly as they appear on your passport.

Second Step: Verify and Pay for the Service

In a matter of seconds after you submit your application on our website, we will send you a confirmation email to review the details. Proceed with the payment for the service cost if everything is accurate. You can pay with most major debit and credit cards here; however, if you experience any problems, please contact us at and we will respond quickly.

Third, find out when your visa is approved and be ready to attend the Vietnam Embassy.

You should expect to receive the visa approval code letter in your inbox within 2 business days (or fewer in urgent cases) of submission. Afterwards, all you have to do is print it out. Color is optional but definitely preferred.

Please proceed to gather the following items once you have received the visa approval code letter:

- A valid passport that is at least six months old

- Two 4x6 centimeter photographs (passport size)

- Payment for the stamping fee

Step 4: Visit the Vietnam Embassy to obtain your visa stamp.

To have your visa stamped, you must bring the aforementioned documents to the Vietnam Embassy at the address you provided when applying. Make sure you visit the correct embassy, as your Vietnam visa code letter may lose its validity if you register it at one but then take it to another.