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Visa guide

Vietnam embassy in Russia

We have three Vietnam embassies in different areas of Russia. You can contact to any of them on your convenience to get Vietnam visa

Vietnam embassy in America Samoa

We apologize that Vietnam has not had any embassy/ consulate in your country yet may be you need to contact Vietnam embassy in New Zealand for your needs

How to get Vietnam visa in Monaco

It means, even we do not have Vietnam embassy or consulate in your country but you still can apply for Vietnam visa easily online

How to get Vietnam visa in Algeria

The way to get Vietnam visa-on-arrival is introduced clearly on this website so you can go back and have a look through.

How to get Vietnam visa in Aruba

If you are tourists who have been travelling in Aruba and would love to go to Vietnam, you also can apply with us on the website.

How to get Vietnam visa in San Marino

Nevertheless, if you want to contact the embassies or consulates, below are Vietnam embassies in Italy and Switzerland which may be close to you.

Vietnam visa requirement for Russian

Avoiding travelling all the long way to the embassy office in the traffic congestion or waiting in the long line are probably the most beneficial of the online visa application.

Vietnam visa requirement for San Marino

We just check with the officers and would like to inform that you need visa for entering Vietnam if you are citizens of San Marino

Vietnam visa requirements for Anguillans

As Anguillan you have two ways to apply for Vietnam visa. The first one is applying online for Vietnam visa-on-arrival which is recommended. The second one is apply through Vietnam embassy in London UK.

Vietnam Embassy in Nauru

If you confuse of choosing the correct way, this page will help you to answer the question by comparing the advantages of applying online versus applying embassy visa.

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