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Vietnam visa requirement for Andorran

Do need visa to visit Vietnam if I come from Andorra?


We checked your request with Vietnam Immigration officers and get reply that Andorran passport holders are required visa for getting in Vietnam


How can I get Vietnam visa in Andorra?


We apologize that our countries has not established diplomatic relationship yet, therefore you have to go to Spain, Italia or France to get the visa.


However, recently Vietnam government has changed the visa regulations to encourage tourists coming to Vietnam. For that reason we had set up an e-visa system which allows foreigners arriving to Vietnam without visa unless they have had the approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department.


How can I get Vietnam approval letter?


You can apply for Vietnam approval letter on this site by click on the “APPLY VISA” and filling in the form. We then will take this application to the Immigration Department get the approval letter for you. Just pay a little fee and wait for about two days (with a standard function) you will get a feedback from our government rather to accept you application or not (means you will receive the approval letter or not).


If you want to make this process even faster we could offer you apply for eight hours, four hours or two hours process you will get the feedback sooner.


What else should I prepare to go to Vietnam?


Before you go, making sure that your passport is not expired within six months. You also need to prepare for two passport photos to give the custom and immigration officers at the airport.


Making sure you have enough cash to spend in Vietnam. The best currency to bring with you is the USA dollars, you can do exchange to Vietnam currency from inside or outside the airport.


Another notice is the Vietnam online visa system is only accepted for air arrival; therefore you should travel by ships, train or car to Vietnam.


You will have to pay for the arrival stamp fee at the airport to Immigration officers.


Which airport should I arrive?


You can arrive at Tan Son Nhat (or Sai Gon) airport (Ho Chi Minh City), Noi Bai airport (Ha Noi City) or Da Nang airport (Da Nang City) or Cam Ranh airport (Nha Trang City).


I am dual nationalities; are there any other ways to reduce cost and time?


If you are Thai, Malaysian, Cambodian, Indonesian, Singaporean or Laos you have free access for 30 days.


If you hold Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Brunei, Myanmar passport you can come without visa for 15 days.


If you are Filipino you are welcomed for 21 days without visa.


What are legal passport photos for Vietnam?

The size should be around 35-40 mm x 45-50 mm


The head (from top head to the bottom chin) should be from 29 mm to 34 mm


The photo should be taken within six months, printed on color quality photo-paper (black and white are not accepted), not too dark or too bright.


The head should be located in the middle, not aside, not tilted.


Face, eyes should be fully visible and directly to the camera, not facing or looking away.


Both eyes are open and mouth is closed (you are not smiling or yawning).


Should not wearing or allowing anything which covered a part or all your head and face such as glasses, hat, scarf or hair.