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Vietnam visa requirement for American Samoa

 I am citizens of Samoa & I would like to know if Samoan required visa for getting in Vietnam?

We checked and found that Samoan citizens are required visa for getting in Vietnam.

I am a Samoan who would love to go to Vietnam. Do I need Vietnam visa?

You are more than welcomed to Vietnam! Unfortunately, our countries have not been established diploma relationship yet therefore it would be a bit inconvenience for you to go to Vietnam embassy in New Zealand to apply for a visa. However, with new internet technological application you can apply for Vietnam visa through our website.

How do you apply?

You can go back to “Vietnam Visa” button and fill in the online application form for Vietnam visa. You will receive a confirmation from us shortly. We will transfer your application to Vietnam Immigration Department and waiting for them to approve, you will probably waiting for about two days for them to check. If your application has approved, you will receive an approval letter through us. With this letter you can fly straight to Vietnam by air and get a visa stamp at one of our international airport.

How long can I stay in Vietnam?

If you apply for Vietnam tourist visa, you are welcome to stay up to one month. If you want to stay longer than that you need to apply for Vietnam business visa. The business visa allows you to work, doing business and travel all in one visa.

What is currency should I bring with me while living in Vietnam?

We are not using Samoan currency here therefore it would be much easier if you to take the USA currency with you, you can change the dollar of the USA to Vietnam currency everywhere here.

What international airport should I arrive?

There are four international airports which had installed the visa-on-arrival system, they are Da Nang international airport, Cam Ranh international airport, Ho Chi Minh (or Sai Gon) international airport and Noi Bai international airport. Any of these airports will recognize your approval letter and let you in. When you arrived, find a small office at the airport which has a sign of “visa-upon-arrival” or “landing visa” to get your visa stamp. You need to pay for a visa stamp here.

What else should I bring with me?

Obviously you need some money and your personal stuffs.

You must also need two of your passport photos which are taken in less than six months to give the airport’s custom.