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Vietnam visa requirement for Algerian

May I know if citizens of Algerian required visa for Vietnam or not ?

Hello, regarding your question about Vietnam visa for Algerian, we would be please to reply that Algerian passport holders are required visa for entering Vietnam.

How to get Vietnam visa in Algeria

You can go to Vietnam Embassy in Algeria at:

  • 30, rue Chénoua, – Hydra – Alger (El Djazaïr) – Algérie
  • Tel : 00213 (0) 21 60 88 43, Fax : 00213 (0) 21 69 37 78
  • E-mail :  or

Or you can also apply online now through our website

It might sound unfamiliar to you but it has been a tremendous attempt of our government for applying new technologies and taking the advantages of the internet. With a new way of cervices which we called electronic visa, e-visa, online visa or visa-on-arrival we are able to qualify your online application for a Vietnam visa.

We wish this new visa giving system could save you a lot of time, energy and finance compare to the traditional way which you have to physically travel all the long way to the Vietnam embassy to apply for a visa. Avoiding the traffic jam is probably one of the most beneficial for Vietnam visa-on-arrival.

It just takes you a few minutes to fill in the form and then waiting for about two days or less (we could shorten this process to eight hours or even four hours if you wish) to receive a pre-approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department officer by email and then you can jump straight on the plane with the letter. You will have your visa stamped at a Vietnam International Airport where you will arrive.

How do I apply for Vietnam electronic visa

Following four simple processes

1. Click on “Apply” button to fill in the information form.
2. Make a payment for service fee by PayPal, credit card, Western Union or Bank transfer.
3. You will have received your approval letter from our email in about 2 days later. You can print it off and take it on board with you when travel.

4. Showing your approval letter with the code on it to Vietnam customs at the airport you will get your visa stamped here. You will pay for your visa stamp here.

Please note:

  • The approval letter is enables for only travelers who travel by air, not any other transportation ways (Example ships or road travel).
  • Preparing some cash with you to pay for at the airport when you have your visa stamped
  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months when you apply.
  • Having two passport photos to be ready as you will give them to the customs at the airport.