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Vietnam visa requirement for Albanian

 I am Albanian, do I need to apply visa for entering Vietnam?

We happy would you to inform you that Albanians are required visa forgetting Vietnam.

As Albanian how can I get visa to Vietnam?

Vietnam and Albania has established a relationship since 1950. However, for a couple of reasons the two countries do not have embassies in their country at the moment. Thus, as an Albanian passport holder you might need to contact our ambassador (consular section) in Hungary to get visa for Vietnam.

The address is:

Vietnamese Embassy in Hungary, covering Albania
1146 Thokoly ut 41, Budapest, Hungary
Tel: (00) (361)342 5583/342 9922; Consulate: 343 3836
Fax: (00) (361) 352 8798

You can contact our embassy in the address above to apply for Vietnam visa or you can also apply online to have Vietnam visa-on-arrival at any international airport of Vietnam.

Just clicking at the button below, filling in the application forms, paying for the service fee then you will receive a pre-approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department Officer by email two days later (as a standard service). Interestingly, you can shorten this process by just eight hours or four hours process to have the pre-approval letter.

All you need to do is filling in the form, paying the fee and we will help you for the rests, Just making sure that the information are correctly in your passport when you filling as it will be checked at the airport when you will have arrived.

After receiving pre-approval letter, printing it out and bringing it with you for boarding on the plane and showing it at the Vietnam international airports. Your passport will be stamped as a Vietnam visa-on-arrival when you come. You will see landing visa office (also called visa on arrival office) in front of the immigration line, please go there to get your visa.

What are differences between getting e-visa and going to the embassy? Which way is more economical and convenience?

Applying for Vietnam electronic visa could save you plenty of time as you do not need to travel all a long way to the embassy. It could also save your finance from that travel. More importantly, it’s safe and avoid frustrated of travelling on the road. 

Where in Vietnam can I arrive?

You can arrive in the South of Vietnam at Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City or you can land in the Middle of Vietnam at Da Nang airport in Da Nang City, Cam Ranh airport in Nha Trang city or maybe you want choose a city in the North of Vietnam at Noi Bai airport in Ha Noi.

I need to go to Vietnam as fast as possible, how fast can I get the approval letter?

Vietnam visa on arrival is probably the best choice for you in terms of time, convenience, and economical. We work 24/7 therefore the fastest process we can help you to get the pre-approval letter is two hours after receiving your payment.

What types of Vietnam Visa should I apply?

Depends on your purpose in Vietnam you can apply for Vietnam tourist visa which allow you to stay in Vietnam for one month. However, if you want to have a longer time than that, you can apply for Vietnam business visa which let you stay up to six months. With Vietnam Business Visa you are legally to work and travel therefore it might be more convenience if you want to have some working experience in Vietnam.

Can I apply for another visa after my visa has expired?

Yes, as long as you were in Vietnam, it is easy for you to contact Vietnam Immigration Office to help you.