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Vietnam visa requirement for Afghan

Does Afghan citizens need visa for entering Vietnam ?

Yes, you do. Citizens of Afghanistan need visa for entering Vietnam.

Am I legally to go to Vietnam?

Yes, as Afghan you are welcomed to Vietnam.

What should I do to get there?

As an Afghanistan passport holder you need to go a nearest embassy to get a Vietnam Visa before you leave your country or you can have a Vietnam Electronic Visa (Vietnam e-visa) from us before you go to Vietnam.

What is E-visa?

E-visa is a new way to get a visa before you travel to another country. It enables you to get visa online rather than go to the Embassy as traditional ways. With this new way you do not need to travel all the long way to the embassy office and waiting in the long line before having your visa approved. All you need to do is completing the online application form and pay for the fee; get an approval letter from government authority officers then you can jump on the flight. You will have your visa stamped at the airport where you arrived.

Has Vietnam been applied E-Visa system?

Yes, under Vietnam new immigration regulations and technology applications we have already applied e-Visa system in our country. The online application form can also help you to connect to Vietnam Immigration Department to get Vietnam visa approval letter and then send it back to you by email.  The system can save you plenty of time, finance and frustrations. Rather than going to the embassies, all you need to do is staying at home, fill in the form, paying for a little fee, receiving the Vietnam e-visa approval letter, printing it off and taking it with you on the plane. When you will arrived to Vietnam’s airport you will have your visa stamped here.

What if I do not want to use E-visa system, where is Vietnam Embassy in Afghanistan?

We apologize for this inconvenience but our country does not have any Vietnam representative office or Vietnam consultant office in Afghanistan yet; therefore, you may need to go to your neighborhood such as Pakistan or Uzbekistan to get a Vietnam visa.

What should I do to get Vietnam e-visa approval letter?

Very simple, all you need to do is going to the APPLY VIETNAM VISA button on this website and fill in the application form and paying the fee, we will help you to do the rests.

How long does it take to get Vietnam e-visa approval letter?

In the STANDARD SERVICE it can process for two working days. But you can shorten the process to eight hours visa, four hours visa and even two hours visa with a little extra fee.

What do I need to do after my visa got approved?

After you have received an e-visa approval letter from us (which authorized from Vietnam Immigration Officer) you can travel straightly to Vietnam. Whenever you arrived at a Vietnam airport, show the letter and you can get your Vietnam Visa stamp there (Vietnam visa on arrival).

What types of Vietnam Visa should I apply?

Depends on your purpose in Vietnam you can apply for Vietnam transit visa, Vietnam tourist visa or Vietnam business visa.

How long can I stay in Vietnam?

Vietnam transit visa authorizes you only stay in the airport for a couple of hours without passing the customs line.

Vietnam tourist visa lets you to stay for one month.  However, this type of visa does not allow you to work in Vietnam.

Vietnam business visa which you can stay up to six months. This visa is absolutely beneficial for you, it is not only that you could stay longer in Vietnam but also you can work and travel during this time.

How can I find jobs in Vietnam?

One of the most popular website which provides you lots of opportunities to work in Vietnam is:

Can I renew or extend my Vietnam visa after mine has expired?

Some kind of visas you could but some you could not. You should contact us when the time is come.