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Vietnam Visa On Arrival

 Vietnam Visa on Arrival is one of the alternatives to the conventional way of obtaining a visa.

It can be applied online, and it is accorded only to those visitors or travellers who enter the country by flight. Also, you will not get access to Visa on Arrival facilities in all the airports in the country.
Vietnam Visa on Arrival
There are only three airports that will let you enter the country using Visa On Arrival. These are the Tan Son Nhat, the Da Nang, and the Noi Bai International airport.
You can apply online with the assistance of a visa service which will send your application to the concerned Vietnamese Authorities, who in turn, will send a Letter of Approval showing that you are allowed to enter the country.
On your arrival, your visa will be stamped with the appropriate seal, which is the final step in legitimizing your visit and your stay in Vietnam. This procedure of getting your stamp after you reach the destination airport is the reason why it is called ‘Visa on Arrival’.
To get your Visa on Arrival, all you have to do is go through four necessary procedures.
- The first step is to provide your data and information in the online form. It usually includes the information you already have in your passport.
- The next step is to make the payment for applying. The prices may differ depending on your location and the service you opt for. Make sure you double check before making the confirmation and going through with the transaction.
- Here is the important part; you have to get an Approval Letter from the Vietnamese Government saying that you are allowed to enter the country. This process can be cumbersome and tiring if you attempt to do it on your own. Therefore, the best move is to choose a reliable visa service who can aid you in the process by taking care of the technical details.
- Finally, you have to land in one of the few airports that accept and process Visa on Arrival visits. After you land at the airport, you will have to go to the appropriate office to get your visa stamped, which will indicate that you are cleared to visit the country and stay for a specified duration.
The whole process can be confusing and even annoying if you make the wrong choice in visa service or enter the wrong details during the application. This is why it is crucial to go with a visa service that can not only help you apply but also make the whole experience a pleasant one. Go for a trusted visa service like this one.