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Vietnam visa for Malaysians

Malaysia is among the list of countries whose citizens are exempted from using a visa when visiting the country of Vietnam. However, this visa exemption is not indefinite and definitely not permanent.


The current regulation allows Malaysian citizens to enter and stay in Vietnam for up to 30 days without a visa. They will still have to carry and produce their passport, but they do not need to apply for a visa if their visit or stay is scheduled for less than a month.


Malaysians, like any other visitors, will also have to apply for and produce a visa if they plan to stay in Vietnam beyond the visa-free 30 days. They have two ways in which they can apply for a Vietnam Visa.


The first option is to apply through their Diplomatic Mission. This means you will have to be physically present at the Embassy of Vietnam in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. The Embassy is located at Persiaran Stonor 50450, and you will have to go through a detailed process of inspection and application procedures just to get started.


It is much more convenient to apply online in the comfort of your home unless you want to see what the Vietnamese Embassy looks like.


The other option is to get Visa-On-Arrival which is an option that most Malaysians go for these days, because of the sheer convenience and ease of getting it done. All you have to do is submit a few details regarding yourself such as your name, DOB, Passport Number, Date-of-Arrival, etc. Then you have to pay the fees that are associated with the visa application for Malaysians. The current charges will cost you about $25 for a Single-Entry Visa and about $50 for a Multiple-Entry Visa. This will get you your Approval Letter from the Vietnamese Authorities, and you can travel straight to Vietnam to get your visa as you enter the International Airports of Vietnam.


Vietnam Visa for Malaysians has never been easier to get and more convenient to apply. What are you waiting for? Get your bags ready, and get your Visa today!