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Vietnam embassy in San Marin


I cannot find Vietnam embassy/ consulate in San Marino; does Vietnam have embassy/ consulate in my country?

Sorry we have not had any embassy or consulate in your country but it is not a trouble if you want to apply to go to Vietnam. You can apply for Vietnam visa through internet. In fact, you can apply for Vietnam visa online on this website, you do not have to go or search around for Vietnam embassy.

Under new immigration laws, you can apply for an approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department then you can fly to Vietnam and then having your visa stamp at the airport.

Go to “APPLY VIETNAM VISA” button to fill the application form, we will help you to get the approval letter; it will be faster than you can imagine. If it does not success, you can get a full refund from us.

NOTE: There are multiple options in some fields, please select them wisely for your convenience and profits.

If you still want to find a Vietnam embassy near your country, it may be in Italia or Switzerland.

Vietnam embassy in Italy:

  • Via di Bravetta, 156 – 00164 Roma – Italy
  • Tel:  +39 06 66160726    +39 06 99704318
  • Fax:  +39 06 66157520
  • Email:
  • Website:

Vietnam embassy in Switzerland:

  • Schlösslistrasse 26, CH-3008 Bern, Switzerland
  • Tel. 0041-31 388 78 78/74, Fax. 0041-31 388 78 79
  • E-mail.
  • Website :