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Vietnam embassy in Russia

 I need visa to Vietnam, where is Vietnam embassy/ consulate in Russia?

We have three Vietnam embassies in different areas of Russia. You can contact to any of them on your convenience to get Vietnam visa. However, there is an alternative way that could help you gaining Vietnam visa. This way is even faster than getting visa through embassy system.

Traditional way you need to contact embassy for your visas. Nowadays, you can just stay home and apply for your visas. Vietnam has applied the visa-on-arrival system that allows people to get visa online. It means you do not need travelling or searching around for Vietnam embassies, simply just do it ONLINE.

How to apply for Vietnam visa online

Following the instruction will get you through

  2. Filling in the form
  3. Pay for a service fee
  4. Submit

What is coming up next?

You will receive an “approval letter” from Vietnam Immigration Department within the time you have chosen. This letter enables you to fly to Vietnam by air and get your visa stamped here.

Is not it simple, fast, convenience and effective? Or you can choose to go to the embassy way. The address is below:

Embassy of Vietnam in Moscow, Russia

  • Address # 13, Bolshaya Pirogovskaya St., Moscow, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
  • Phone : (70-95) 245 0925 or 247 0212 – Consular:  246 0687
  • Fax : (70-95) 246 3121 – Consular:  246 6807
  • Email :
  • Website :

The Consulate General of Vietnam in Ekaterinburg, Russia

  • Address : 22 Karla Libknesta Street, Ekaterinburg, 620075 – Russia
  • Tel : 2530280 (81,83,84)
  • Fax :2530282
  • Code : 00-7-343
  • E-mail :
  • Website :

The Consulate General of Vietnam in Vladivostok, Russia

  • Address : 107/1, Pushkinskaya Street,Vladivostok – Russia
  • Phone:  226948
  • FAX : 261496 
  • Code : 00-7-4232
  • E-mail :