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Vietnam embassy in New Zealand

 I am a traveller who has been travelling in New Zealand; how would I apply for Vietnam visa and where is Vietnam embassy/ consulate in New Zealand?

First, thanks for your concern. However, as a traveller in New Zealand you may not need visa to Vietnam if you are on the Vietnam visa exemption lists. Please check for the Vietnam visa exemption list.

Second, if you are not on the lists, do not worries, you will have easier way to get visa without actually go to the embassies. Vietnamese government has set up a system calls Vietnam visa-on-arrival allows people to apply for Vietnam visa online by using online application form. The form then will be sent to Vietnam Immigration Department for approval. You will get their answer in one or two working days. This letter authorizes you to fly to Vietnam airport without visa stamp in advance. It means, as long as you arrive to the airport, you will have you passport stamped here instead of getting a visa sticker pasted on your passport as traditional ways. Nevertheless, if you still need to contact to Vietnam embassy in New Zealand for other reasons, we are happy to provide it to you here:

Vietnam embassy in New Zealand

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