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How to get Vietnam visa in San Marino

If you are San Marino citizens, you need visas to enter Vietnam. The easiest way to apply for Vietnam visa is online. Under the new Vietnam immigration regulations, you are able to apply for Vietnam visa without actually going to embassy. This makes more convenience and better outcome for travellers. Our government wish this new regulations could enhance the chances for overseas tourists coming to Vietnam, especially tourists in the countries which Vietnam has not yet established the embassy or consulate.

It is very simple to apply for Vietnam visa through the internet. You only need to fill in the online application form and submit, your requirements will be sent to Vietnam Immigration Department where they will authorize your requests. If your applications pass their exams, you will receive an approval letter, vice versa, if you had not passed the scan, they will let you know the reasons. In that unlucky case, if your application had not approved, you will get a full refund from us.

If you has been travelling in other country you still can use this website to apply for Vietnam visas.

Nevertheless, if you want to contact the embassies or consulates, below are Vietnam embassies in Italy and Switzerland which may be close to you.

Vietnam embassy in Italy:

  • Via di Bravetta, 156 – 00164 Roma – Italy
  • Tel:  +39 06 66160726    +39 06 99704318
  • Fax:  +39 06 66157520
  • Email: 

Vietnam embassy in Switzerland:

  • Schlösslistrasse 26, CH-3008 Bern, Switzerland
  • Tel. 0041-31 388 78 78/74, Fax. 0041-31 388 78 79
  • E-mail.