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How to get Vietnam visa in Monaco

Applying for visas can be stressful sometime. However, new technology can make it much simpler and more convenience. Using Vietnam visa-on-arrival is one great example. Applicants   just need an internet access point, an email account and they can apply for Vietnam visa. Travellers do not need travel miles away to get to the embassy to get visas as it used to be. What is more, tourist applicants can apply for Vietnam visa from anywhere, home, office, or even on the bus without worries about travelling or traffic congestion. Moreover, and may be the most benefit of Vietnam visa online is tourists just can do it at any time, day, night or even holidays in their country, do not need to wait till working hours, simply just turn on the computer or smartphone and complete the application form, it is merely in 5 or 10 minutes.

It means, even we do not have Vietnam embassy or consulate in your country but you still can apply for Vietnam visa easily online. Simply just go to “APPLY VIETNAM VISA” buttons and fill in the form, Vietnam Immigration Department will take care of your case then reply you with an email. If your application has approved, you will receive an approval letter otherwise they will let you know the reasons; in that case, you will have a full refund for your application fees from us.

If you still want to find embassy, you can also contact Vietnam embassy in Switzerland, Italy or France for more information, these address are below:

Vietnam embassy in Switzerland

  • Schlösslistrasse 26, CH-3008 Bern
  • Tel: +41 (0)31 388 7872/ 75
  • Fax: +41 (0) 31 388 7879
  • Email: 
  • Working hours: 08h30-12h00 and 14h00-17h30

Vietnam embassy in Italy

  • Via di Bravetta, 156 – 00164 Roma – Italia
  • Tel:  +39 0666160726    +39 0699704318
  • Fax:  +39 0666157520
  • Email: 

Vietnam embassy in France

  • Coordonnées des Services de l’Ambassade du Vietnam en France
  • * Services au 62, rue Boileau – 75016 PARIS
  • Standard: 01 44 14 64 00
  •  1. Secrétariat: 0144146410
  •                        Fax: 0145243948
  • 2. Service visa / affaires consulaires
  • visa touristique: 0144146413 (suivi du dossier par correspondance seulement)
  • visa de travail: 0144146421
  • Etat civil: 0144146423 (14h00-17h00)
  • Exemption de visa: 0144146417 (14h00-17h00)
  • Passport/Nationalité: 01 44146426 (14h00-17h00)
  • Fax: 0144146424, 0145256095