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How to get Vietnam visa in Caribbean Netherlands

Caribbean Netherlands passport holders can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival with Vietnam Immigration Department on this website or apply with Vietnam embassy in Venezuela.

Allying with embassy, the address of Vietnam embassy in Venezuela is given below, you can contact them for more details. However, applying with Vietnam Immigration Department you can apply online on this website.

Together with Vietnam embassy, Vietnam Immigration Department has been issuing Vietnam visa on arrival since 2003. Vietnam visa on arrival or Vietnam evisa or Vietnam visa online is all the same thing and has been issuing by Immigration Department.


You should print the approval letter off and keep it with your passport. You WILL need it at the customs desk at the Vietnam international airport.

Please also prepare 2 passport photos size and some USA notes to pay for visa fees as the customs will not take any other currencies except the America cash.

Vietnam embassy in Venezuela

9na Transversal, entre 6ta y 7ma Avenidas, Quinta Las Mercedes,

Altamira, Chacao 1060-025 D.F, Caracas, Venezuela,

Tel:   (+58) 212-6357402

Fax: (+58) 212-2647324