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How to get Vietnam visa in Algeria

 The Vietnam embassy in Algeria could satisfy your requirements for Vietnam visas. However, new technologies and Vietnam Immigration new regulations could go one step further which makes it easier for tourists who want to get Vietnam visas.

In the last several years Vietnam has developed a system called Vietnam visa-on-arrival which allows tourists arrive to a Vietnam international airport first and then they get the Vietnam visa there. The new developments have increased a number of tourists to visit Vietnam because it has become convenient, time-saving and simple. It has been reducing the waiting line in the embassies and easier for tourists who lives in countries which Vietnam has not had embassy or consulate yet.

Algeria is one of the countries which has had a number of travellers to Vietnam every year therefore it is important to introduce the Vietnam visa-on-arrival to Algeria citizens which the hope of lessen the nuisance for travellers.

The way to get Vietnam visa-on-arrival is introduced clearly on this website so you can go back and have a look through. 

If you prefer to go to the Vietnam embassy then please contact the address below for details.

You can go to Vietnam Embassy in Algeria at:

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