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How to get a tourist visa to Vietnam?

Is the thought of obtaining a tourist visa to Vietnam making you want to bypass the long and winding process at the Vietnam Embassy? Not a problem. The Vietnam Embassy is no longer the sole option for obtaining a visa. Applying for a Vietnam visa online is easy, quick, and inexpensive; let us help you plan your vacation.

Contacting a travel agency or tourism organization that offers Vietnam visa services is all that is required to obtain a tourist visa to Vietnam. With their assistance, you will be able to obtain a letter of approval from the Vietnam Department of Immigration for your Vietnam visa. This letter should serve as a valid document that allows you to obtain a Vietnam visa stamped onto your passport upon arrival at Vietnam International Airport. Vietnam immigration personnel at airport checkpoints can still verify your information since they record it on their system when processing your visa acceptance letter. This way, even if you forget to print out the letter, they can still access it. Be advised that this application process is just for air travelers visiting Vietnam.

A tourist visa to Vietnam can be obtained by following these simple steps:

The first thing you need to do is fill out our safe online application form with the same details that are in your passport.

Step 2: Verify your information and pay the service cost.

Step 3: You should receive an email confirming your Vietnam visa clearance within two business days, preferably less.

Step 4: Present all required documents to the customs station at Vietnam International Airport in order to get your Vietnam visa stamped. These include your original passport, two passport-sized pictures, an entry and exit form, and the stamping fee, which must be paid in cash.